Freebie template for you!


I've been looking around the internet for some inspiration for the kit I'm working on, but it's not very easy to decide what to add :o) Because of that, I decided to give you a small freebie before I get the kit done, this time it's a template I made.
Here's what I made from it:

I haven't added anything at all to decorate this layout, I just put the papers *from the upcoming kit* in place and added some pics with stroks and shadows, then I changed the "title" and "journaling text layers into the text I wanted.

You can get the template by clicking here!
I hope you like it. Any use is ok!


Scrapping Fonts, layouts and update on kit!

Hi there!
I hope you all had a great easter. We went to my parents, and had a great time. I have even scrapped a few of all the pics I took there, and I'll show the layouts after I have presented you to some of my favorite fonts.

Fonts are a scrappers best friend. They can add that extra touch to a layout, and a lot of them add a special feeling to the layout, or complete the theme of it by its look.
I decided to let you see my three favorites (the ones I use most at the moment). There's a link to a free download for each font too.
Here they are:

Get it here!

Get it here!

Get it here!

I bet you recognize them, as I tend to use them in freebies, kits and layouts a lot, am I right? *lol* Anyway, some of you have been asking what they are called, and so I decided to show some off. I might do this again if you like the idea, I do have tons of fonts!!

I have used some of the fonts on my latest layouts:
Here's Lucas just a few days ago. I used Al Sandra on this one, with a white stroke and a small shadow.

Here are some other favorites of mine. I like mixing different fonts, but it can be hard to get it nice and not messy. Did I make it this time? *lol*
The little fellow on the horse (who is called Lyster, by the way) is Lucas. This was taken last friday. Lyster is 5.6 feet high (or 160 centimeters) and Lucas STILL wanted him to trot and run faster, faster. He's following in my footsteps, haha.

Oh well, I better get going.. I'm working on the new kit with a household theme.. remember? At first I thought I'd go with the colors of the images I bought, but then I decided to add some purple and blue tones to it.. here's the color palette I'm using:
Pretty, isn't it? If you have any sayings like "home sweet home", "home is where the heart is" and so on, I'd love to hear from you! I'd also like ideas for items to include. I know frames are given, but what type? Brackets, circles, squares... and what more should a good kit include? Please let me know as I am having some issues finding the right items to add, it's been a while!! *lol*

I won't hold you anymore, I'm off to get Lucas from his daycare.
Take care!!


CU Blue Freebie

Hey there.

I am back, and this time I bring a blue freebie. This kit was originally going to be a lot bigger, but I got some cute graphics and felt like starting a kit that matched the graphics, so I decided to give this away as a small freebie, I'm still "practising" to get back to my old designing skills :o)
Anyway, this one, like all the other freebies I have given away lately, is free for commercial and any other type of use, so there's no TOU included.
So.. Here's how it looks:
Click the image for larger image.
Torn vellum tag, bent frame, beaded frame, clips, ricracs and more. I hope you can use it for something!
Get it here!

Next time, you'll get a hint of my upcoming kit, I haven't decided if it should be a freebie or a storekit just yet.. but it's about homemaking and cleaning and well, home life! I hope you will like that too!
Take care!


CU Styles Freebie


I have finally taken the time to learn how to make Photoshop Styles, and I'm giving away my first attempts. I made one wooden style, great for smaller elements and text, and another one wit a silver stroke and gold filling. The metal style is one with a smaller stroke for text, and another one for the elements.
Here's a preview:
Click to wiew a bit larger.
These are free for Commercial use, and it would be fun to hear your opinions about them, since they are my very first attempt..I am aware that they are pretty big right now and will try to make them smaller in the future!! I made them in CS4.
Grab your styles here!

Take care until next time!


Cherry Spring-CU OK Freebiekit

Hey there!!

I hope you're having a great weekend. Me, I have been trying my skills as a designer a little, and I have to say it has been fun, but also a little bit hard to go back to designing, I don't have all that much inspiration, but I'm getting there, don't worry!! *lol*
I decided to put together a small freebie kit that I decided to call Cherry Spring, mostly because the red color I used in it reminds me of cherries.
It's not very big or fancy, but it's a start, and I also included the previous freebies I made rescently in it, so you will get the monthtags and the wordart too, except for the stuff on the preview. I really hope anyone can use this, I know it's not at all what I used to make, but I need to do some practising before I become my "old self" again, I suppose!!
So here it is, the preview is here:

The entire kit is CU OK!
I'd also like to say thank you to June for letting me use her ricrac action, it's great!!
You can grab the kit here, and I love your comments here, on 4shared or in the chatbox!